David E. Kelley to bring “Wonder Woman” back to television

The man behind Ally McBeal is bringing another female sex figure to television: Wonder Woman. David E. Kelley (The Practice, Boston Legal) is writing and producing the series, but other than those details, everything else is under wraps. The biggest television series to feature Wonder Woman was the 1975-1979 series that starred Lynda Carter.

The main question is if the new Wonder Woman will be wearing the classic costume or the new controversial redesign of her costume that was unveiled earlier this year. One concern for the series is that Wonder Woman is the most known female superhero and hasn’t had too much success other than the 70’s series (one main reason for this is that Wonder Woman has always been portrayed as a strong feminist). The last time the superhero was in development for a television series was when Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman creator Deborah Joy LeVine penned a pilot for the unproduced series.

Stay tuned here for any new developments to the series.

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