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“Easy A” (2010)


If Easy A doesn’t propel Emma Stone into stardom, there is something seriously wrong in Hollywood. This film has been compared to Lindsay Lohan’s film Mean Girls, but Easy A has a lot more humor and heart than the Lohan flick and succeeds in a lot more ways as well.

In this film, Olive (Stone) is a nobody – a blip on the radar at her school – until she helps her friend out by pretending to have sex with him. That starts a whirlwind adventure for Olive as she tries to live her normal life, but also is helping others out in return for favors. This does not sit well with Marianne (Amanda Bynes), a religious girl at her school who tries to convert her to finding forgiveness from the Lord. She gets her religious group (that includes Twilight’s Cam Gigandet) to keep protesting Olive and try to make her life a living hell as much as possible.

The main laughs in this film come from Olive’s parents played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci. From jokes about Olive’s adopted brother to her mom’s previous sex life, these jokes keep providing the humor in the film that is presented as side stories to the dramatic unfolding of Olive’s reputation. While the film isn’t really a drama, the moments where Olive knows that she goes too far provide some real heart tugging moments, only to be quickly switched to laughter by Olive’s mother in the matter of seconds.

Thomas Hayden Church, Penn Badgley and Lisa Kudrow provide for lots of added depth as well, as every character used in the film provide great depth to Olive’s character without going too far into each of the other character’s histories. The writers of the film know that the audience wants just enough to keep engaged without being inundated with too many characters. I felt that Aly Michalka was the one character that seemed to be a bit too much. She was prominent in the beginning of the film, and while the fight left her out of the film to the end, I think her character would’ve better been served if she had not even been in the film at all.

Overall, Easy A is a film that shouldn’t be missed. Stone is an amazing actress, talented and beautiful, having great comedic and dramatic timing, and the film is very classic with a contemporary twist. Easy A will become a classic in time, and should be the first film in a long line that Stone will have success in.

Final Grade: 9.0/10

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  1. A good surprise indeed. I enjoyed it although I didn’t think it was anywhere close to a classic such as Mean Girls which was more witty and funny. Emma Stone does come through in a big way so it will be interesting see if she can play other characters than the sassy offbeat young lady. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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