TNT to renew “Hawthorne” and “Memphis Beat”

In a day where sister network TBS canceled one series, TNT is set to renew two of its dramas. First is the Jada Pinkett Smith medical drama, Hawthorne that has finished its second season. With a solid 3.4 million viewers per week, it doesn’t pull near as many viewers as Rizzoli & Isles or The Closer, but still draws a stable fan base. The series debuted last season against NBC’s two medically-related shows, Mercy (following a similar premise of following around nurses like on Hawthorne) and Trauma, but has outlasted both of them.

The other series being renewed is the new Jason Lee series, Memphis Beat. The show has been praised by critics and fans alike, following a Memphis detective who is a little out of the box. The show averages a little above 3.5 million viewers and is another one of TNT’s slew of hits.

TNT should be announcing these renewals in the next few days. The only major show left on the fence for the network is the dark drama, Dark Blue, that has similar ratings to its first season, but hasn’t had a boost like the network hoped.

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