Wanda de Jesus and Paula Patton gone from “Law & Order: LA” and “SVU” respectively

Big news for the Law & Order universe. After filming the first two episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles, the producers felt that Wanda de Jesus wasn’t the right fit for the series. Since the show went straight to filming without a pilot, this isn’t uncommon for a series that needs to be tweaked as early filming progresses. Casting is underway to replace de Jesus. Casting must be done soon for reshoots as the series starts airing in a few short weeks.

Back in New York, with Paula Patton landing her biggest movie role in the new Mission: Impossible film, she had to drop out of her role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. No need to fear though, Raising the Bar star Melissa Sagemiller will fill in for the vacated Patton.

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