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Review: Machete (2010)

machete-movie-poster Directors:
Robert Rodriguez
Ethan Maniquis

Danny Trejo
Michelle Rodriguez
Jessica Alba
Robert De Niro
Jeff Fahey
Cheech Marin
Don Johnson
Steven Seagal

An ex-Federale looks for revenge after being betrayed by the men who hired him.

Back in 2007, audiences were introduced to the film, Machete, as a part of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse. This character has shown up in many of Rodriguez’ films such as Spy Kids and Desperado. First off, I just want to say the faux trailer that showed up three years ago was much better than the actual film version. The faux trailer promised an abundance of ridiculous action, over-the-top violence and entertainment, and much of the all out fun that Grindhouse brought us. Unfortunately, we only get glimpses of this throughout the film.

I am usually a fan of Robert Rodriguez films like the El Mariachi trilogy, Sin City, and Planet Terror. He has a real knack for over-the-top action and quick pacing, but loses some of his natural talent here. The film lags quite a bit in the mid-section when it’s focus is drawn away from the storyline between Trejo and Fahey. The first 45 minutes or so is exactly what I wanted this film to be, with imaginative and ridiculous action set pieces. The last hour decides to be more about the message of the film, which is obviously about the current political war over the Mexican border. Machete descends into preaching about this topic almost non-stop, as Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez become the focus of the film.

As for acting, don’t expect to be impressed. Danny Trejo as the title character has little to say or do, other than cutting people up once in a while. De Niro has a bigger role in this film than many expected and is completely entertaining, but Jeff Fahey is easily the most entertaining and interesting character in the film. Alba and Rodriguez do a fine job in their roles, but no role in the film is necessarily difficult. Fahey and De Niro are the only ones who really make the most of what their given, I could say the same for Shea Whigham, but he doesn’t have enough screen time.

Machete is fun, but is an overall disappointment. After films we’ve seen recently like Piranha 3D and Crank 2: High Voltage (the modern day Grindhouse flicks), I expected more from Robert Rodriguez. Even the finale fight scene disappoints in many ways with far too much editing/fast cuts and a short runtime.

Rating:  R for strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity

Runtime: 105 minutes

Review:   C

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