Movie News

“Machete” slashes “The American” on Friday

Although George Clooney’s new flick The American debuted at #1 on Wednesday, it fell to #2 on Friday, barely. The new Danny Trejo film Machete based on the trailer he starred in opened with $3.9 million, $100,000 more than American’s $3.8 million. Last week’s #1 film Takers isn’t too far behind with $3.1 million, followed by The Last Exorcism at $2.27 million. Coming in at fifth is Drew Barrymore and Justin Long’s new romantic comedy, Going the Distance which flops at $2.24 million.

Overall this weekend should be interested for the top three spots, while the rest of the top ten won’t even be close. Of note, The Expendables is currently at $87.228 million, still trying to reach the $100 million domestic mark. The movie will need a lot more big weekends and weeks to pull that off, though, as the film is bound to drop out of many theaters next week.

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