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‘Mad Max 4’ Has 298 Stunts

roadwarrior_l Stuntman Cameron Taylor spoke to Transmoto Magazine about the upcoming film Mad Max 4: Fury Road. During the interview, Taylor revealed the enormous size of the production on the film, which is directed by George Miller (Mad Max).

"It’s a big budget deal that’s got 130 cars and bikes and 298 stunts. They’re going all out on this," he said. "I’m literally riding all day at the moment, jumping up cliffs and doing some technical riding. I’ll be back out here early next year for seven months while the thing is filmed."

This interview is no longer available, hinting at the possible fact that Taylor revealed much more about production than anyone involved wanted. Reports on the film have noted that Mad Max 4 will avoid any CG effects as much as possible…but the thought of 298 stunts and that many cars/bikes sounds awesome.

Is anyone excited for this film? Are there many people this generation even familiar with the original Mad Max films? Personally, I love them. Beyond Thunderdome was a little crazy for my taste, but the first two films are spectacular. I believe Tom Hardy will do this franchise justice.

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