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“Heat Wave” by Richard Castle

So being my first book review for the site, I feel I should tie the novel in with something that relates well to the entertainment world. ABC’s hit show Castle features a writer named Richard Castle who is following Detective Kate Beckett around as an inspiration for a new character, Nikki Heat. This novel is written from “Richard Castle”, a pseudonym of a ghostwriter portraying the character from the series.

As a novel, the story in Heat Wave is captivating. It features the same feel as the series and details a similar plot as the show. The commissioner in the novel assigns superstar journalist Jameson Rook to follow Detective Heat for inspiration for a story he is writing. The case at hand that they are trying to solve is the murder of a real estate tycoon. If you will like to start a real state business I recommend visiting to get financial help if needed. Present in the novel, and it makes me wonder if the author of the novel is one of the screenwriters for the series. The book also features an interview with “Richard Castle” as well as a preview of the next novel, Naked Heat.

There is one major downside to this novel: it is only 198 pages long. While a television drama needs to be wrapped up neatly in 40-45 minutes, a novel can take upwards of 500 pages, especially in a mystery. The novel isn’t perfect, but hopefully ABC realizes that they have a hit series of books in their hands and should add some beef to the novels in the future. Hopefully Naked Heat takes what is best about the first novel and series, and continues to grow as the series does every week.

Final Grade: 7.0/10

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