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Review: Piranha 3D

piranah_3d_poster_shows_its_teeth Director:
Alexandre Aja

Elisabeth Shue
Adam Scott
Ving Rhames
Jerry O’Connell
Steven R. McQueen
Christopher Lloyd

After being unearthed by seismic activity, a massive pack of piranhas let loose on partiers enjoying spring break at a nearby lake.

Sure, this film will not win any awards or even garner much cash at the box office, but it is without a doubt one of the most entertaining films in recent memory. Like the Crank of the horror genre, this film knows exactly how ridiculous it is and really plays that fact to its advantage. This hard R film brings in buckets of blood, massive amounts of gore, and an abundance of nudity. This is not a date movie, but a great one to hang out with your buddies and throw back a few beers.

Director Alexandre Aja has previously given us High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, and Mirrors. While none of these have been much acclaimed by neither critics nor many audiences with a weak stomach, there has always been something about them that intrigued me about his films. While he tends to dish out the gore without any hesitance, he has a style and a natural knack for tension that is hard to ignore. Here, he does some of his best work. When around a million piranhas get their first look at the thousands of spring break-ers in the water, the film goes to a new level of mayhem…and it is sweet. Not for the faint of heart, but for horror fans who enjoy their gore over-the-top, this is heaven.

Of course…few films are perfect for what they are. A montage of two naked women swimming in the ocean goes on a bit too long and takes away from the mood, even though it stays well within its right mind for the rest of the film.There are some very cool tricks played out in 3D and there is a lot of fun to be had here, just don’t take the film too seriously. Piranha 3D references Jaws in more than one instance and delivers one hell of an ending. If there is one thin Aja knows how to do, it is end a fun horror film, and this is some of his best work since High Tension in this aspect.

I really hope people go out and see this film. For fans of fun horror films along the lines of The Evil Dead and just plain insane films like Crank: High Voltage…this is your kind of movie. While not quite a satire and not quite a spoof, this film is really something all on its own, but is definitely not something to be missed.

Rating: R for sequences of strong bloody horror violence and gore, graphic nudity, sexual content, language and drug use

Runtime: 88 minutes

Review:  A-

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