Pilot Predictions: “Outlaw” (NBC)

Show: Outlaw (Drama)

Network and Timeslot: NBC, Fridays at 10:00

About the Show: Cyrus Garza (Jimmy Smits) is the youngest Supreme Court Justice to date. However, he isn’t happy with the way the Supreme Court is dealing with cases, so he resigns to start his own law firm.

Prediction: When I was rattling off the different legal shows this fall during the predictions for The Whole Truth, I forgot about this little series. And the thing is, I think this show is better than most legal dramas. The fact is, NBC is hardly promoting it. The show stars some of the late 90s and early 00s bright stars like Jesse Bradford and Carly Pope along with Smits, an intriguing plot, but there is one thing that is holding the show back. And that is Conan O’Brien. O’Brien’s production company Conaco Productions is behind the series, and after O’Brien’s less than amicable departure from the network, NBC has shuffled the series to the Friday night death slot at 10:00 PM and with little promotion.

While this legal series might see the chopping block early, I don’t think it will because of bad storylines, acting, etc. NBC has been horrible at promoting their series for years, and with this show on Friday, it won’t hold up on its own. The show will debut on Wednesday, September 15th at 10:00, and if the show does well there and bad on Fridays, I hope NBC gets the hint and moves it to another night. Jimmy Smits deserves another hit.

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