“Law & Order: Los Angeles” and “SVU” news

In Law & Order tradition, a character from one of the series (always has been the flagship series until now) will be featured on the first episode of the new series to tie in continuity. Mariska Hargitay will be heading west as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will head out west for the first time in the show’s eleven plus years. Skeet Ulrich will guest star in the SVU episode an hour before LOLA debuts, saying that there is a rape connection in LA that needs to be solved. She hops on board and travels to Los Angeles during the first episode of that series.

Also, Teri Polo has signed on to play the wife of Ulrich’s character on LOLA, she plays his former partner who was known as a hard-nosed cop, but retired to start their family.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premieres September 22nd at 9:00 PM with a two hour premiere, followed by the premiere of Law & Order: Los Angeles on the 29th at 10:00 PM (with the SVU crossover starting at 9:00 PM).

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