Pilot Predictions: “Better With You” (ABC)

Show: Better With You (Sitcom)

Network and Timeslot: ABC, Wednesdays at 8:30

About the Show: This sitcom follows three couples, the first being Maddie and Ben (Jennifer Finnigan and Josh Cooke), who have been dating for nearly a decade and are still fine not getting married, Maddie found Ben on some sugar daddy sites. That changes when Maddie’s sister Mia (Joanna Garcia) is pregnant with Casey’s (Jake Lacy) child, a man she’s known for only seven weeks. Maddie finds out her parents Joel and Vicky (Kurt Fuller and Debra Jo Rupp) approve of this wedding and have their own marital problems to deal with.

Prediction: Does this show sound familiar to you? While it isn’t a cut and dry clone, the show sounds a lot like the show following it, Modern Family. ABC has been hit and miss with their sitcoms the past few years, and I think this series will prove too similar to Modern Family, especially with it being on the same night. However, Finnigan and Cooke are decent actors (they played a couple on NBC’s short-lived series Committed), and they seem to have real chemistry together.

The thing that I feel is tying down this show is the cast. Not that I don’t like any of them. But Garcia has played the pregnant girl before (remember that show Reba?) as well as the aforementioned previous show that featured Finnigan and Cooke in very similar roles. While the series could probably handle its own on another network or even another night, I think this show will last half a season – maybe a full one – but be canceled soon after that. ABC has been horrible at scheduling the past few years, and this (as well as The Whole Truth) could open their eyes.

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