Pilot Predictions: “The Whole Truth” (ABC)

Show: The Whole Truth (Drama)

Network and Timeslot: ABC, Wednesdays at 10:00

About the Show: There are two sides to every trial. This show depicts “equal” time between the DA’s Office (with Maura Tierney as the head prosecutor) and the defense (led by Rob Morrow). Promos for the series depict that viewers will change who they root for throughout the episode with lots of plot twists throughout the trial.

Prediction: While I am ecstatic to see Tierney back on TV (she was originally set to play Lauren Graham’s role in Parenthood, but had to back out due to breast cancer treatments), I don’t think this series will make it. The show is going up against Law & Order: Los Angeles, and the show seems to similar to TNT’s Raising the Bar. However, I could be proven wrong. Finally, unlike last year when we only had two (technically three) legal shows on broadcast TV last year (Law & Order, The Good Wife and SVU), this year we’ll have SVU, The Good Wife, The Defenders (CBS), and Law & Order: Los Angeles. One will most likely have to go, and the way ABC handled Boston Legal and Eli Stone, I feel this show will get the axe.

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