Pilot Predictions: “Mike & Molly” (CBS)

Every day from now until the fall season starts, I’ll be covering a new fall series that will hit your homes soon. I’ll include a short synopsis of the series and my predictions on if the show will make it. We also want to hear what you think about the new show!

Show: Mike & Molly (Sitcom)

Network and Timeslot: CBS, Mondays at 9:30

About the Show: Mike & Molly stars Billy Gardell (My Name is Earl) and Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls) as a Mike and Molly, who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and start a relationship. Mike is a police officer while Molly is a school teacher, and while there are plenty of ‘fat’ jokes in the show, a lot of it has to deal with self-confidence and overcoming their outer image.

Prediction: This series is created by Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory), and with his track record, I have a feeling this show will be another hit for the network. I think this show works better on Mondays than The Big Bang Theory did because now Mondays are filled with relationship shows (How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement being the other two). While TBBT did have the relationship aspect as a major part of the show, I still think it was out of place with the other shows. I believe Mike & Molly will debut strong (probably around 11-13 million viewers per ep) and get a full season pickup shortly after.

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