Movie News

“The Other Guys” takes #1, “Inception” takes second

The Other Guys took the box office this weekend, taking in a little over $35.5 million, the first strong opening of a Will Ferrell film since Step Brothers (although that film dropped a lot after its first week). In second, as predicted, was Inception, drawing in $18.5 million. Step Up 3-D fumbled a bit in the final stages of the weekend, only earning $15.8 million.

Salt follows suit at #4 with $10.9 million, Dinner for Schmucks at $10.4 million for 5th, and the other Steve Carell film Despicable Me at #6 with $9.2 million. Despicable Me crossed the $200 million threshold, which definitely signals a success for this animated film.

In other box office news, Toy Story 3 hangs in at #9 with around $3.1 million, for a total of $396.3 million. The film should hit $400 million sometime this week, where the film will break a few records. Also, the Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups still is finding legs in the box office, bringing in $2.4 million, totaling at $155.6 million. The film is drawing close to Sandler’s last biggest film, The Longest Yard, which grossed $157 million back in 2005.

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