Newsbreak: “Brothers & Sisters” Season Five Scoop


Brothers & Sisters fans were given a huge shocking finale in May as the Walker family became involved in a number of car crashes. This past month, numerous news sources and interviews have given some insight to what you should expect for the fifth season. Beware, if you continue reading this, some things might be spoiled for you:

  • The episode order has been reduced from 22 to 18, which could mean the end for the series. But the main reason for this is that Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice is introducing a new medical show in that timeslot in March or April.
  • The show will return one year from that car crash. Although time jumps can be disappointing (a la Desperate Housewives), the cast and producers assure that this brings a refreshment to the series.
  • Rob Lowe’s character, Robert McCallister is definitely dead. Lowe confirmed this in an interview this week. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t appear in a flashback or something in his “death scene”. No word if that will happen yet.
  • Sally Field’s character, Nora Walker, will become like Kitty (Calista Flockhart) by getting her own radio show. It will be a sort of “hot topic” thing where she answers listeners’ questions, giving motherly advice.
  • Speaking of Kitty, she will be entering the dating scene again, after the appropriate grieving period over Robert’s death.
  • Emily Vancamp confirms that she is leaving the series. Rebecca will only appear in the first two or three episodes to wrap up her storyline. So maybe that trial separation wasn’t the best choice after all?
  • Balthazar Getty is in talks to come back to the series as Tommy Walker full time, instead of the recurring basis he was last year. Nothing is official yet.

So…with all of that, what else are you looking forward to in this upcoming fifth season?

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