DirecTV picks up “Damages” for two more seasons

For a show that has drawn in real big names (Ted Danson, Martin Short, Glenn Close), Damages really never was a ratings hit for FX. That being said, the network gave the show three seasons to try and find its footing before giving up. However, the show has one more leg of life as DirecTV has picked up the series for two more seasons at ten episodes each to air on their The 101 Network. This is the second time DirecTV has done this sort of deal after they nabbed NBC’s series Friday Night Lights. This deal differs a bit as these episodes will air solely on The 101 Network and won’t be rebroadcast on FX. DirecTV has also nabbed the rights to re-air the first three seasons as well.

Damages will air its fourth season sometime in 2011. Both Close and Rose Byrne have signed on for the two additional seasons.

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