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“Inception” (2010)


I started writing the review for this movie at 11:30 PM. It is now 11:40 and I still have no words to describe this film. Writer/Director Christopher Nolan has truly created a masterpiece in Inception.  This film is a sci-fi thriller that will leave you hanging at the end of your seat after two and a half hours of non-stop intensity.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a man named Cobb, who can enter someones dreams to extract certain information from them during their dream state. His partner in crime is Arthur, played brilliantly Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Their current task is trying to make Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) believe that he needs to create his own empire, so he won’t become his father. If Cobb and Arthur can put this thought into his dreams, Saito (Ken Watanabe) will help Cobb see his kids again. He enlists the help of Ariadne (Ellen Page) to create the dream world. In their way is the deceased wife of Cobb (Marion Cottilard), who is a projection that tries to kill everyone and bring Cobb back to her world forever, so they can be happy together once again.

This film has so many plot twists and dream worlds that it will take you at least two viewings to comprehend even the smallest amounts of the film. The first time you see it, you are enthralled by these worlds and the elements behind it, as well as the plot. While some films have tried to focus on dream worlds, Nolan really takes it to a new level in Inception. In this film, they take you to dreams within dreams, a limbo world, and many other places that seem pretty logical once you understand the science behind it. The film never feels to unrealistic, and with the time crunch presented in the film adds a realistic pressure.

Even more, the final ten minutes of the film contains a WTF moment. I won’t spoil it for you here, but if you have seen it, we would definitely like your input on what you think happened in a comment. Once you see the ending, it is almost a must that you go back and see the film again for a second time. But this time, take notes.

Overall, as Kyal stated, this film could be Nolan’s masterpiece. With a limited amount of CGI special effects, and a lot of crafty camera work, this film is a must for everyone to see. Just be careful in your dreams tonight, because who knows, it could actually be your reality.

Final Grade: 10/10

(The review was finished at 12:05 AM, with edits until 1:00 AM…so much to say)

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