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Mark Ruffalo Could be Hulk in ‘Avengers’?

Actor Mark Ruffalo arrives to the Tribute to Laura Linney and sc Recent news has noted that actor Mark Ruffalo (Zodiac) is currently in talks to replace Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the upcoming superhero film, The Avengers. This should only be considered to be a rumor for now, as many other actors including Adrien Brody, Joaquin Phoenix, and Nathan Fillion have also been named as possible replacements for Norton.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Ruffalo show up as Banner at all, he is a terrific actor and able enough to replace someone like Ed Norton. How does this decision sit with everyone else? Or do you have someone else in mind?

The Avengers is directed by Joss Whedon (Serenity) and is scheduled to hit theaters on May 4th of 2012. The film will star Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, and whoever ends up playing the Hulk.

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