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Review: Knight & Day (2010)

knight_and_day Director:
James Mangold

Tom Cruise
Cameron Diaz
Peter Sarsgaard
Paul Dano
Viola Davis

The average life of a woman is shaken up when she becomes mistakenly entangled with the life of a secret agent on the run from the agency he works with.

This is what summer films should be – fun, exciting, funny, and entertaining. While I have never been a fan of either of the two stars, Cruise has always been a pretty reliable actor when it comes to his choice of films. With a career in film including Collateral, Minority Report, Magnolia, Rain Man, he obviously has an eye for good material; not to mention he is at his best and most fun here. Cameron Diaz also does a good job here, as she didn’t annoy me and held her own against Cruise’s performance.

This is a perfect summer flick because it gets started quickly and never lets up until the credits roll. Throughout the film, you are either on the edge of your seat or laughing hysterically…sometimes you are even doing both at the same time. Director Mangold does a very good job here keeping the pace and the mood of the film light and fast. He also stays away from too much CGI, using more practical effects like wire-work and stunts from his two stars in its place. The storyline is simple but effective, you never really know if Cruise’s character is actually an agent-gone-mad or is just doing what he believes is right until the end.

While the film isn’t all exactly memorable and will not become a classic, it is one of the most entertaining flicks there are. It is good, clean fun that anyone in the family can enjoy. Knight & Day is a very fun film that I highly recommend, while I don’t think it’s one of the all-time best films, it doesn’t get much more fun than this.

Rating: PG-13 for sequences of action violence throughout and brief language

Runtime: 109 minutes

Review:  A-

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  1. Saw this one Thursday night.

    They were going for a kind of Hitchcock/Gary Grant sort of thing and almost made it. There was too much action and special effects for that to happen. Still, the interpla between Cruise and Diaz was good and like you say, it was fun. Probably the best of a bad lot of action movies this year.

    Looks to me like Peter Skarsgaard has put on some poundage.

  2. Yeah, I see your comparison with the Hitchcock/Cary Grant vibe…and this is sort of a modern day version, with more action involved than storytelling and natural tension. The interplay between Cruise and Diaz was great, they have an amazing chemistry together. I don’t think they were going for the greatness that Hitchcock and Grant went for, but more for just a fun summer flick, and they succeeded.

    Also, I agree with Sarsgaard’s weight gain. Erin and I had just watched ‘Orphan’ a few weeks ago and he was much thinner then.

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