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Michael Bay NOT Returning for ‘Transformers 4’

Back when this whole Transformers craze started, director Michael Bay said that ifmichael_bay_transformer_3 people kept seeing the films, he would keep making them. As of today, it seems like he’s changed his mind. Recently, it seems as if Transformers 3 will be the last installment to complete the trilogy.

"I would think so," said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to whether "Transformers 3" will be the last installment. "It may not be the end of the line of ‘Transformers’ for Hasbro and Paramount. But I would think so… Michael [Bay] I’m sure is… He’s spent a lot if years working on one thing."

Basically, Bay has had it simply working on one film for so many years and plans to end his involvement with it after the third film. After the sequel was  finished, Bay plans to take a year off to make a “small” film called Pain and Gain, but was talked into jumping directly into Transformers 3. As of now, both Pain and Gain and Bad Boys 3 are waiting for Bay to become available.

Honestly, this is great news. I have lost a lot of respect for Bay after the Transformers films, of which I only saw the first installment (and actually enjoyed). There is only so much I can take with films like that, I can’t watch CGI robots hammer each other for 150 minutes more than once. I will definitely not be seeing the third installment, so you will probably have to count on Jared for that review. I just hope that Bay returns to “form” and puts another movie out like The Rock…still his best film as it works both with action, story, and character (unlike any of his other films). I enjoy the Bad Boys films simply for the action scenes, but when I am left with the characters talking, it loses me…so luckily there isn’t much talking in Bay’s films.

So what do you guys think? Is anyone disappointed that Bay is leaving the franchise?


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