Movie News

Friday draws big numbers for “Eclipse”, “Airbender” and “Toy Story 3”

After the largest Wednesday to Thursday drop ever, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse rebounded on Friday bringing in $28.6 million. The Last Airbender followed with a solid second, raking in $16.6 million. Toy Story 3 and Grown Ups both remain strong with roughly $10.46 and $6.9 million respectively.

In a weekend with only Eclipse and Airbender being the new releases, the results should maintain steady. Knight & Day continues to crumble, bringing in only $3.35 million for a total of $38.66 million in 10 days. Compare that to Grown Ups that has brought in nearly $68.5 in 8 days, or $269.3 for Toy Story 3 in 15. Nothing other than Predators and Despicable Me open next week, so this will probably be a repeat for next week.

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