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“Rookie Blue” (ABC)


Following the success of CBS’s Flashpoint, ABC picked up a show from Canadian showrunner, Tassie Cameron. Rookie Blue follows five police officers who are fresh from the academy, with the focus on Andy McNally, played by Reaper star Missy Peregrym. While the show does take place in Canada, like Flashpoint, they never make direct references to the city – just street names that might sound familiar to Canadians.

This show is considered to be like the cop version of Grey’s Anatomy, which I can see to an extent, but I think it is done much better. This series deals with the cops first, relationships second. The cops also don’t worry too much about their sex lives, whereas the characters in Grey’s are a bit different.

The real highlight of the series is seeing the struggle of these rookie officers and how some realize it isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. Or for others, maybe a little less exciting. Other stars of the series include Everwood star Gregory Smith, who portrays his nervous character all too well. Charlotte Sullivan, Enuka Okuma, and Travis Nulme round out the rookies.

Each character has different dilemmas that create great depth, where most cop shows contain characters that are flat without any personality. Whether it is Andy who is following in her dad’s footsteps, or Traci (Okuma), who is a single mother, each character deals with the possibility of not being good enough as a rookie with the fear of failing to those that matter most in their lives.

While this series may not make it past this one summer season, the show does have one thing going for it: It is currently the #1 rated show this summer, and the #1 new summer show. ABC’s other summer scripted shows Scoundrels and The Gates are scoring much lower numbers, and risk being canceled. I for one, hope this series lasts longer and we get to see these rookies start to evolve and grow and see how they change as officers.

Final Grade: 8.5/10

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