Movie News

“Toy Story 3” and “Grown Ups” have big Fridays, “Knight & Day” heads to the night

"Grown Ups" debuted at a solid 2nd place, falling only to "Toy Story 3".

Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 3 had a big Friday, raking in $18,025,000, while new Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups finished in a solid second at $14,500,00. However, the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action movie, Knight & Day, failed to do much of anything at third with $6,350,000. Apparently it seems like Cruise and Diaz don’t have the star power they did in the last decade.

Films like Jonah Hex and Marmaduke slide even farther this weekend, with Hex only bringing in $500,000 on its 8th day, with a low total of a little over $8 million made. Marmaduke isn’t doing much better bringing in $300,000 on its 22nd day, with a little under $30 million made. Seems like some of the predicted summer hits aren’t panning out like they were supposed to.

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