“Criminal Minds” shakes things up

CBS feels the need to do some cast adjustments for Criminal Minds‘ sixth season in letting go A.J. Cook as well as reducing the number of episodes Paget Brewster stars in. Fan reaction has been pretty negative in response to Cook’s departure, so much so that the series decided to have Cook star in the first two episodes to give closer to her character.

Brewster, meanwhile, will only star in 10 of the first 13 episodes of season six, and an undetermined amount of the back 9 (or more if the show gets an extended season).

The series lost a little more over a million viewers this past season, and with the show’s spinoff debuting in the spring, the show can’t take too many more hits. Executive producers are talking about bringing in a new female lead later in the season as well to add a new spark to the show.

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  1. Eh, since the first episode of the season has to wrap up the story from the season finale, I highly doubt AJ Cook will do anything resembling starring in the first two episodes of the season. Her two episodes will probably come in later in the season. And, if I’m wrong and the season premiere counts as one of the episodes that wraps up her story, then they either shaft her when they concentrate on wrapping up the season finale or mess up the continuity of the premiere.

  2. Most other sources reporting the story are saying it’ll either be the first two or within the first six. The main reason is the team is all usually shown together, and her missing one week back the next would lead to some continuity issues. However, said that, the series always shoots in one way for production purposes, but they might not air in the production order. It all depends on what CBS and the producers can agree to.

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