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“Toy Story 3” (2010)


Eleven years have passed since Toy Story 2 came out, and the anticipation for the final chapter in the series lived up to the hype. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and most of the original cast come back for Toy Story 3, and could quite possibly be the best film in the series.

In this film, Andy goes off to college and the toys are donated to the Sunnyside daycare center. The toys thought they were supposed to be garbage, but Woody tries to tell the toys that they were supposed to be in the attic. However, once the toys find out that Woody was right, it becomes too late. Lots-O’ (Ned Beatty) forces the toys to stay and sets Buzz back to his factory settings, putting him under his control.

The rest of the film is traditional Toy Story as the toys try and escape from the daycare center. The one character who steals the movie is Ken, played by Michael Keaton. The Ken character adds a lot of humor to the movie that is more slapstick than we have seen previously in the series.

The film is a lot more dramatic than the first two, with mentions of Bo Peep, RC, Lenny and others being sold at garage sales over the years as well as the toys themselves almost meeting their doom. Without spoiling anything else, get ready for a tear jerking ending.

The first Toy Story introduced us to the gang and the relationship between Woody and Buzz, the second reinforced the bond between owner and toy, and the third helps us realize the meaning of family and sticking together. I thoroughly enjoyed the first, but didn’t really care for the second as much. This one really ends the series well and will make you love the series even more.

Seeing this movie in 3D was great as well, as it truly enhanced the viewing pleasure of the film. Every little detail was perfect in the film, and I don’t think the series could’ve gone out any better.

Final Grade: 10/10

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