Movie Reviews

Review: Toy Story 3

Director: Lee Unkrich

Cast – Voices of:
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Don Rickles
Joan Cusack
Wallace Shawn
John Ratzenberger
Michael Keaton
Ned Beatty

When the toys’ owner Andy prepares to leave for college, they are dumped in a day-care center.

The Toy Story films are always a joy to watch, depicting what has always been the absolute best thing about Pixar Studios. Whatever your age, you cannot help but have some great nostalgic fun with these films. The quality of these films and their stories are obvious from the quality of the actors providing the voices. Having been 11 years since the second installment to the films had come out, it is definitely a daunting task in returning to this world in a successful manner. I can say with great joy that the cast and crew definitely pulled it off.

The film starts out with one of Andy’s imaginings of the adventures of Woody and Buzz, and I have to say that apart from it being a perfect way to kick-off the film, it is also the best presentation of these imaginings we’ve seen. It is a joy to follow these characters again on the big screen, the last time I had the pleasure was when I was only 10 years-old. Aside from the nostalgia I endured throughout the film, this is a terrific film to say goodbye to these characters possibly for the last time. A few newcomers come into play here (no pun intended) that fit right into the film and are fun to watch. Ned Beatty plays the cute, but not exactly lovable Lotso, who runs the day-care like a prison. Michael Keaton lends his voice to the Ken doll and is perhaps the funniest bit of the film.

With Buzz and the gang trapped in the day-care center, it is up to Woody to break them out. When the film becomes a prison-break film, things really seem to fall into place. As with the previous Toy Story films, you will find yourself laughing thoroughly and then soon shedding a tear as the film comes to an end.

After much disappointment with Pixar’s Wall-E (which many adored, but did absolutely nothing for me), their latest additions with Up and Toy Story 3 has certainly restored my confidence in the studio. As I mentioned before, being back in the theater with these characters is a great deal of fun, and this is a perfect send-off to an absolutely perfect trilogy. These characters will be missed, but I would have them go out in no other fashion.

Rating: G
93 minutes

Review: A+

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