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“The Karate Kid” knocks out “The A-Team”

In the battle of the 80’s remake, The Karate Kid is awarded victory on opening night. Cashing in roughly $18,800,000, the ‘re-imagining’ of the 80’s classic roughly doubled what The A-Team made with $9,650,000. The film, based off the 80’s television series, didn’t show much plot in the trailers, which many say hurt the promotional push. Many critics thought the two films would be in closer competition, however with The Karate Kid being a more family affair and it being close to summer, it seems logical that Kid would rake in big bucks.

With these films in the number one and two spots, it knocks Shrek Forever After to third with $4,400,000, well behind the other two. Projections for the three films are around $50 million, $25 million, and $8 million respectively.

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