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Martin Scorsese Sticks it to James Cameron

In an interview with director Martin Scorsese (The Departed, Raging Bull), he revealed that for his new film, he would like Al Pacino to play Frank Sinatra and Robert De Niro to play Dean Martin. While this is interesting on its own, Scorsese also found time to give director James Cameron of Avatar a… “compliment.” Speaking to The Hindu, Scorsese mentioned that Hollywood is too preoccupied with focusing too much on how films look rather than the content of their scripts.

"Now, there are brilliant technicians such as James Cameron who create wizardry. But, unfortunately, content takes a back seat, as Francis Ford Coppola and Sir Richard Attenborough have said many times. Stalwarts such as John Ford, Billy Wilder and William Wyler were not only versatile and thinking directors, they concentrated on a variety of subjects, with importance to content."

This is one reason Martin Scorsese is one of the greats. I am sure most of us are a bit sick of James Cameron after he praised himself all over the place after Avatar came out, saying that he was a genius and praising himself for making the film so deep and full of important messages. Yeah…okay Cameron. Avatar wasn’t a bad film, but I got absolutely nothing out of it. The special effects were amazing and it was a very entertaining film, but I just wish he’d come out and admit it’s simply Pocahontas-Dances with Wolves-FernGully re-done.

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