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Chuck Season 3 Review


WARNING Spoilers in this Review

When Chuck first started, I found it to be a harmless but fun little spy show, the show proved to be a bit formulaic with a new mission each week mixed with comedy and ending with some fun action. The back-and-forth relationship between Chuck and his CIA handler Sarah Walker was always interesting as well. With season three, all of this disappears. If you ask me, there are four or five plots here that could have taken up another two or three seasons, but the writers behind Chuck decided to take the show to new heights. Gone is the formulaic nature of dorky guy mixing with spies, now Chuck is an actual spy, and the show has truly become a great spy adventure.

Now the intersect 2.0 has been downloaded into Chuck’s brain, allowing him to access combat skills and other spy abilities. Having Chuck be an integral part of the missions is a crucial move, keeping the show more character driven and original. We find out more about all of our characters, most notably John Casey, who has a family and a complex background.

This season was PACKED with jaw-dropping revelations and surprises. With Brandon Routh’s partner being a good guy/bad guy, Chuck’s father being killed, the Buy More being blown up, Casey reuniting with his daughter, Morgan becoming apart of the team, everyone discovering Chuck’s spy life, and Sarah and Chuck finally becoming a couple. The season finale wrapped up problems with Routh’s character (or did it?) and added another layer to the story for season four, as Chuck’s mother is introduced and Chuck “quitting” the spy life for good.

Season 3 is without a doubt the best season of the series and truly kept me on as a viewer as the writers picked the perfect time to find a new path for the characters. If you haven’t been watching Chuck, it is definitely worth a look. It’s a fun action-spy thriller with a good sense of humor, plus there is the addition of Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker.

Season 3:   A

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I enjoyed the first two seasons, but this past season blew me away.

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