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LOST Series Finale Review


WARNING Spoilers in this Review

The end has finally come, the popular ABC drama Lost has ended after six seasons. ABC ran a finale special for the series on Sunday night from 9pm to 11:30pm…following two hours of recap of the entire series. I have followed the entire series closely and can finally say that everything I can think of has been answered and the finale was a satisfying one. With such a complex show coming to an end, it is hard to believe there is anything they could do to please everyone, but I believe the show’s writers did a good job.

The story on the island has always been a strange and overly confusing jumble that presented more questions than it could answer. While I am still not completely 100% sure on what was ever going on on that island, but as far as the characters are concerned, it was a good end to that story. The fight between Jack and “Locke” finally presented itself and was nothing more than what I expected, a brutal and tense fight to the death. After Desmond had un-corked the water from the “light source” in the island, this somehow took away Locke’s powers, giving Jack a chance to kill him. I still don’t understand what the light source was or what the cork did, so if anyone has any theories, let me know. I liked the fact that Jack passed his “gift” to Hurley, who would then keep watch over the island with his new sidekick Ben.

lost-locke As for the “flashbacks” or “flashforwards,” or whatever they were, they were always the most interesting part of the show to me. While they were usually cryptic, they always led to answers while giving a more emotional and character focused storyline to someone different each week. The finale looked at the show’s most important characters, bringing everyone back to see what their lives would turn out like. The “flashes” of their time on the island was finally explained, as somehow they were able to remember everything that happened between them. These flashes brought Jack and Kate together, Sawyer and Juliet, Claire and Charlie and even Jack and his father. This was more the “happy ending” to the flashbacks, since nearly everyone had died on the island. What may be the best and most shocking (or maybe not) scene in the show was when Jack opened his father’s coffin, finding no body. Jack’s father seemed like the perfect person to lay the secret to the show out for us, seeing as how Jack was always the most reluctant to trust anyone or believe in what he was seeing or hearing.

My favorite thing about Lost  is that it leaves much up to speculation; it lets you interpret it in your own ways, making it that much more satisfying. While I can understand that many people will be frustrated at not getting everything answered, I believe that the more you think about it, the more sense it will make to you. When the finale ended, I was somewhat dumbfounded, as I had no idea what just happened. As I lay in my bed thinking about every moment of the finale, it was finally clear to me. If you are interested, I have laid out what I made of the end to the series.

So as Jack’s father tells him they are all dead, I believe that the flashbacks all took place in purgatory. In this place, the characters were able to become what they always wanted; Jack was a great surgeon who had a great relationship with his son; Locke had no reason to blame his father as he did not throw him out the window, he was also able to walk again; Sawyer became a cop because the life of crime and conning was something that reminded him of the man who “killed” his parents; Ben became a true father figure to his daughter… you can see where I am going with this. When I came to this realization, I was stuck on Sayid and Kate, as they both ended up in jail. I have come to believe that they were already happy with their decisions, with Sayid helping his family (as well as the woman he loved), and Kate having no regrets for her crimes. The characters were in purgatory because they were all so important to each other. Since they all did not die at the same time, purgatory was their waiting place, so they could all go to heaven together. This idea ties in with them having to go back to the island together, etc.

Overall, I thought it was a satisfying ending to a terrific series that required a great amount of patience and thought. The show’s hero, Jack, went out on a good note, and the series ended on an unforgettable image of his eye closing as he lies in the same place he woke up 6 years earlier.

Episode Rating: A+

Series Rating: A

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