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24 Series Finale Review


WARNING Spoilers in this Review

Well my friends, this is what can truly be called the end of an era. It is hard for me to remember a time before there was Jack Bauer, arguably the best character ever put on television. Fox’s drama 24 introduced a new brand of original television while revolutionizing action-dramas as we know it. After a terrific run of eight seasons following Jack Bauer through the longest days in our country’s history…the series has come to an end, and it will most certainly be missed.

Ending a show like 24 is not an easy task as there is much to live up to after the series has been consistent in its cliffhangers and ability to stay completely unpredictable. With this being the last season, the writers made a smart move making it the most personally motivating for Jack, almost losing his way. This season is truly Kiefer Sutherland’s best work, he is able to believably portray every side of Jack Bauer without becoming a cliché in any aspect. Sutherland has truly made Jack his own character, it is honestly impossible to picture anyone else in the role.


The last third of this season got very personal for Jack as his love interest for possibly the last two seasons, Renee Walker, is shot and killed. Jack is driven to hunt down and personally kill anyone who is involved, only to find that a bigger conspiracy unfolding before him. Jack is taken to new levels emotionally and morally as he becomes a vigilante out for revenge and the truth, taking out anyone in his path. This is the most off-the-leash we have ever seen Jack Bauer, and it was nice of the writers to finally let us look into what he is capable of after eight seasons of hinting at his ruthlessness.

Tonight’s finale was heartbreaking, tense, exciting, and unpredictable as usual. This is truly the perfect way to end this series as Jack says his final goodbyes to Chloe and leaves the country as a fugitive. 24 has always been the go-to show for suspense, action, and plot twists, no show will ever match it. The character of Jack Bauer has been a more than worthy hero to follow throughout the series, portraying the ultimate patriot we can all respect. It is a sad fact that he will be hunted by the country he sacrificed so much for…but we will leave that for the movie that is currently in the works.

I can honestly say for all of us that it has been quite the ride, and it will be sorely missed. It ended on a perfect note and with a perfect season. A sincere thank you to the cast and crew who have worked on 24 all these years.

Finale: A+

Season 8: A+

Series: A+

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