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“Iron Man 2” tops “Robin Hood” Friday

Russell Crowe cannot claim victory over Robert Downey Jr. quite yet. Friday box office results show that Iron Man 2 still is atop the charts reigning in a little over $15 million yesterday. Robin Hood followed suit with a bit over $13 million. Nothing else was really close to those two. Amanda Seyfried’s new romantic film, Letters to Juliet is third with $5 million. No other movie reached $3 million on Friday. Estimates show that this will be a tough weekend for Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood to see who can claim the overall weekend.

Iron Man 2 is in the film’s second week of release and the film opened with a very impressive $128,122,480 during opening weekend.

Robin Hood has been promoted as a film that takes place before the Robin Hood story we know. This is more of a prequel of sorts.

Letters to Juliet is about a young woman who tries to reunite two lost lovers while trying to find her own romance in Italy .

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