NBC cancels “Mercy” and “Trauma”

In a chopping block kind of day, NBC cancels freshmen series Mercy and Trauma. Both were brought in this past season to fill the void left by the longest running medical drama ER, which closed its doors last year. However, neither lived up to expectations.

Mercy followed a group of nurses inside an emergency room. The series starred Taylor Schilling, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jaime Lee Kirchner and James Van Der Beek. The series was originally supposed to air midseason, but Parenthood, originally supposed to air in the fall, was pushed back to midseason after a cast member was diagnosed with cancer. The more successful of the two series, Mercy will air a complete 22-episode season.

Trauma has had a more rocky history. The show follows EMTs in the most critical parts on saving patients: at the scene of the accident. After poor ratings for the series’ first 13 episodes, NBC canceled the series. However, after the horrible end for The Jay Leno Show, NBC brought back the series for 7 more episodes. But the ratings still suffered, and the network trimmed off two of those. The series will end after an 18-episode season. Series stars Derek Luke, Cliff Curtis, Jamey Sheridan and others.

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