Blu-ray/DVD News

DVD Releases: Edge of Darkness, Legion, Daybreakers

Edge of Darkness: Mel Gibson returns to the screen as a Boston policeman who is hell-bent on tracking down those who murdered his daughter. The DVD release includes some featurettes including “Mel’s Back”, “Revisiting the Edge of Darkness miniseries”, and more. The Blu-ray includes that as well as a DVD copy and digital copy of the film. B+

Legion: Paul Bettany stars as an angel banished from Heaven and sets out to protect a group of townsfolk who may be mankind’s last hope against God’s wrath. Dennis Quaid and Kevin Durand also star. The DVD includes a few featurettes on how the film was made, the Blu-ray also includes a digital copy.

Daybreakers: Ethan Hawke stars in this film about what the world would look like if everyone was a vampire, catch is…they are running out of human blood to harvest. The DVD includes a making-of featurette, the Blu-ray will include this as well as a short film from the directors, storyboard analysis, and a digital copy of the film. Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill also star. B+

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