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Christopher Nolan’s new film, “Inception” just recently revealed the official trailer for the film which most of us saw before “Iron Man 2”. Now, the MPAA has officially given the film a rating. Being consistent with Nolan’s previous films such as “Batman Begins”, “The Prestige”, and “The Dark Knight”, they have all been free and clear of any sort of sexuality (or even sensuality), language, or nudity. So staying within the routine of his previous films, “Inception” has been rated:

PG-13 for sequences of violence and action throughout.

The “throughout” part of the rating is what interests me the most. While “The Dark Knight” is the closest Nolan has ever gotten to an “action-packed” film, his movies are usually significantly over the two hour mark. This long runtime makes it difficult to carry out action scenes without them getting old. However, to know that this will be an infinitely intense film makes me even more excited. Nolan has become an amazing director to perfectly blend action with an intelligent plot and deep character development, all while keeping a psychological and moral aspect. Now all we need to know is how long this flick is going to be. I would say that based on the complexity of the plot and how completely epic the film looks, it will be around two hours and twenty minutes. At least.

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