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First Poster for Bruce Willis’ “Kane & Lynch”

I have not heard much about this project aside from Bruce Willis cast as Kane and that he was very passionate about the film. Today, we get a first look at the poster for the film.


“Kane & Lynch”, based on the popular video game, revolves around a pair of Death Row inmates, a mercenary named Kane and a schizophrenic named Lynch, escape during a prison transport and team up to retrieve a stolen fortune.

The thing that has surprised me was that they cast Jamie Foxx as Lynch, where in the video game, Lynch was a tall, balding white guy with long hair and a goatee. In the game, Lynch is also somewhat of a psychopath, being consistently unstable and unpredictable. Now, I like Jamie Foxx…in the right role. I don’t think he deserved the Oscar for “Ray” (I believe that if Ray Charles had not died, Foxx would not have won, seeing as his “performance” simply turned out to be an imitation). He was fantastic in “Collateral” and I enjoyed him in “The Kingdom”, but he most certainly does not belong in this film. I am sure he can still prove me wrong, but he is going to have to really work for it. Bruce Willis, on the other hand, is perfect for this role. Kane has a mean and violent streak, while also being a family man, a sympathetic character you can really root for because he is relatable.

It should be interesting to see how the film turns out, but all in all…I will leave you with this:

Kane_and_Lynch_-_Dead_Men,_2007 jamie-foxx

…who was in charge of casting this movie?

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