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JJ Abrams planning another secretive trailer in front of iron man 2

cloverfield_movie_poster_monster_shadow Just three years ago, JJ Abrams (“Star Trek”, “Alias”, “Mission: Impossible III”) unveiled a mysterious trailer in front of “Transformers”. At the time, the film had only a release date and no title, as it was kept completely under wraps until the trailer debuted. The film, of course, became “Cloverfield”. I have to say that the trailer alone was better than “Transformers”.

Now there are reports that Abrams is at it again with yet another mysterious trailer known only as “Super 8”. The trailer will appear in front of “Iron Man 2” and is apparently so secretive that the projectionists are not allowed a sneak peek until late Thursday night before midnight screenings start.

I have to say that “Cloverfield” had the greatest viral marketing campaign I have ever seen. The movie was pretty good, but nothing was cooler than that first trailer or the faux news reports that followed. So is Abrams’ new project a prequel or sequel to “Cloverfield”? We will have to wait and find out to see for sure when we all venture to “Iron Man 2” this weekend.

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