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Blu-ray review: AVATAR

Avatar bluray box

The biggest film in history, James Cameron’s “Avatar” was released today instead of Tuesday, on account of Earth Day (give me a break). The film was released in both DVD and Blu-ray formats, with the latter also including a DVD copy of the film. Both releases include absolutely no features. It’s a pretty classy release for the biggest film ever. There has been news that Cameron is currently working on another release in the fall that will include multiple discs and built for the new 3D televisions that exist, for some reason.

Everyone knows what this film is about, so I will not bore you with details on this film that we were smothered with for a year before this film’s release, and mostly after it was released. Even with all of the hype and love for this film by both critics and audiences, it only pulled out three Academy Awards, and only for its technical achievements…deservedly.

While everything I said may lead you to believe that I may hate this film, I actually do not. I find this film thoroughly entertaining and a true spectacle to watch. Where this film clearly lacks is its script, clearly. One thing I never understood was why doesn’t Cameron hire a screenwriter for his films? I enjoy his films, but I have to admit that his dialogue is consistently cheesy and flat-out embarrassing in most of them. Another problem I have with this film is the fact that the story is the same as films such as Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, Fern Gully, etc. We’ve all seen it before, although I have to say that “Avatar” features the most entertaining rendition of this story. My final problem with the film is the fact that the whole “save the planet…‘go green’…respect mother nature” message is just driven into your face the entire film, which is three hours longer than I needed to hear it. On the other hand though, the film is very entertaining, the actors do their part, and the special effects are really amazing.

Now down to the specs of things, while the release has no special features of any kind, I don’t need that. I have heard James Cameron drooling over his own movie and talking about how much of a genius is long enough. I have to say that watching this film in Blu-ray was fantastic. The details and definition of the film on Blu-ray is the best I have seen this film, and truly better than it was in theaters. If you enjoy a fun sci-fi fantasy that’s bogged down by an overbearing message and awful dialogue, but is heightened by its visuals, then this film is for you.

Movie: B+
Blu-ray format: A+
Extras: F

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  1. That was one of the reasons they said they didn’t do any special features. Everything takes up disc space, so since it is a bare-bones release, the picture quality can be that much better…I haven’t seen it yet, but from your review that sounds about right.

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