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“Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D” (2010


After the success of the Miley Cyrus 3D concert and the not-so successful Jonas Brothers follow-up, Sony Pictures and The Hot Ticket released a limited run 3D movie starring Country superstar Kenny Chesney. Selling over 25 million records, over 12 #1 singles, and one of the top-selling concert performers of the decade, Chesney seemed the obvious choice for the first 3D concert in this genre.

The 3D concert experience is still a new field, but it seems that they have kept the feel of Chesney’s concerts intact. I’ve seen Chesney four times in concert, and I still saw things I haven’t seen in concerts before. Chesney gives you his own personal insights as well as up-close and personal views of his private life. The 3D element brings something new, as Chesney literally jumps out at the audience during his biggest hits.

Filmed in Boston, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Indianapolis with many shots of each sporadically shown throughout the concert. This experience was one of a kind and shouldn’t be missed by Chesney enthusiasts. For those who don’t know Chesney that well, or Country music in general, this would be a great starting point for someone like you.

As stated, this concert experience is only out for a limited run. The final showing of this event is May 2nd, and tickets are going fast. The 3D concert experience, as well as the advancement of the 3D technology itself, is better than ever in this amazing film.

Final Grade: 9.0/10

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