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‘24’ movie script is finished!


With ‘24’ wrapping up its final season (ending with a bang so far), they have already started working on the feature film that will supposedly put a lid on the adventures of Jack Bauer once and for all. 

In an interview with IGN, Kiefer Sutherland (Bauer) was clearly emotional after wrapping up the final season of the show, but was more than happy to focus on the film. According to Sutherland, screenwriter Billy Ray (who wrote Breach and State of Play) has finished the script. Sutherland has not yet had a chance to read it, but knows that the movie will condense the show’s 24-hour time-frame into two hours.

"We’ve always had to have the situation come to us," he explained. "But now it’s feasible to get [Jack Bauer] from Eastern Europe to England [during the movie]."

He added that the crises "doesn’t have to be a bomb. It can be something personal that people understand."

The latter statement gets me very excited, I am hoping that it is a more personal vendetta Jack goes after, more like a Bourne film or in the vein of “Taken”.

Personally, I have followed the show from the beginning and am very sad to see it go so soon (after 8 seasons). ‘Human Target’ won’t be on much longer I hear, so we are not left with many action shows to watch, ‘Justified’ is really the only one I can think of (but that’s more modern-day western). I have to say that I am very excited for the film to come out and see how the critics and audiences take it. It will be great to see Jack Bauer on the big screen doin’ his business.

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