A look at “bubble” shows

In the television world there are shows that are deemed “on the bubble.” These are shows that aren’t the biggest ratings hits or are getting too expensive to produce. In the past shows like Heroes and Without a Trace have been examples of bubble shows with different results (the former being renewed for this season while the latter canceled). This season, viewership on broadcast television is down across the board and there are many shows “on the bubble.”

Examples of this year’s shows include the following:


Scrubs: This latest season has been dubbed Scrubs 2.0 with only a handful of the original cast returning. The season has only averaged a little above 3 million viewers, and many reports have claimed this show to be “dead.”

the forgotten: The latest Christian Slater series follows a group of investigators trying to find out who these “John” and “Jane” Does are. Viewers have been lost much like the victims, averaging only around 6 million viewers per week.


Chuck: For the past couple years, this Zachary Levi series has consistently been on the bubble. While the series has a strong cult fan base, this spy is starting to look like his butt kicking days might be ending soon.

Mercy: Although it hasn’t even been a year since ER ended, this series following nurses hasn’t done much to the medical drama department. Averaging around 7 million viewers per week, this show has the best chance of not having the plug pulled on this weak network.


Numb3rs: This series has a bleak future. The ratings have dropped tremendously this season, and a reduced episode order doesn’t help. The once ratings genius, might be nearing flunking out.

Rules of Engagement: This sitcom has had the unpleasantness of being a midseason series for the past two years. Although the show averages above 8 million viewers this year, some people are confused of the series’ inconsistent airings.


Human Target: This modern day James Bond series follows Christopher Chance who is hired by clients to get them out of danger. The series is averaging a little over 7 million viewers per week, but is rumored in being a favorite among FOX executives.

Lie to Me: This series follows real life lie detectors help with detectives in solving their crimes. In it’s second season, the series has been on hiatus since fall, but is airing the rest of the season this summer.

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