Movie News

Tidbits: News heard around the entertainment world

It’s been a slow news weeks, so I’m just going to post some of the more relevant news stories into little blurbs here. There aren’t any new releases to mention minus Apollo 13 on blu-ray, so no release schedule for this week either.

In TV News:

  • Conan O’Brien kicked off his “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour” last night in Eugene, Oregon. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Also, as he is not allowed to use characters from either of his NBC programs, the Masturbating Bear has become the Self-Pleasuring Panda and the Walker, Texas Ranger Lever is now the Chuck Norris Rural Policeman Handle. O’Brien is joined on this tour by sidekick Andy Richter and also the band, minus Max Weinberg.
  • HBO announces the renewal of series Treme, which follows New Orleans residents after the months of Hurricane Katrina. From the creator of The Wire, the show has developed a steady audience base throughout the first season.

In Movie News:

  • Actor Chase Crawford drops out of the Footloose remake citing his Gossip Girl scheduling as a problem. This is the second actor to drop out of the film after Zac Efron left last year because he didn’t want to be typecast in musical roles.
  • After weekend estimates, Date Night doesn’t get to claim first place in the box office over the weekend. Clash of the Titans holds that spot for a second straight week.

As I stated, it’s been a slow week. Hopefully more news will arrive soon!

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