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Upcoming Excitement: INCEPTION


With only 100 days until this film FINALLY hits theaters on July 16th, I figured I would do a little teaser for everyone interested.

The main thing you need to know that should get you in line for this movie as soon as possible is the fact that co-writer/director of ‘The Dark Knight’, Christopher Nolan, has written and directed this film. Oh, and it also stars Leondardo DiCaprio (Mr. Hasn’t been able to make a bad film post-Titanic), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer), Ellen Page (Juno), Ken Watanabe (Batman Begins, Last Samurai), Cillian Murphy (Red Eye, Batman Begins), and Michael Caine (The Dark Knight/Batman Begins). The only solid thing we know about the plot is one sentence: Your Mind is the Scene of the Crime. Now while I have absolutely no idea what that means, I have to admit that it sounds awesome.

This is the second film that is a completely original work from Christopher Nolan, after his debut independent film, ‘Following’. Which is another great film. Nolan’s work includes Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and the already mentioned The Dark Knight. He has been credited as a writer on each of those films apart from Insomnia. While I may seem a bit obsessed with the guy, I believe I have good reason to be. Based simply on what he did for the superhero genre in The Dark Knight alone deserves much praise. His films are consistently intelligent, original, and always involve a sort of psychological aspect to them, adding another layer to the story and the characters involved.

Nolan is again teaming with his go-to cinematographer, Wally Pfister, both have been a team since Memento (Nolan’s second film) and have proved an amazing match. Pfister has also been nominated three times for an Oscar for Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight. Though he has never won (he and Roger Deakins just can’t seem to get a break, look him up and you can see his amazing list of work), you can expect him to receive one very soon.

While this movie has been more under wraps than M. Night Shyamalan’s horror films (which usually turned out to suck once they were so secretive), this only adds to the mystery and excitement for a film like Inception. Not many of the actors were even allowed to read the full script (apart from DiCaprio and Murphy that I am aware of). With this amazing cast and a more than experienced and talented writer/director, this should turn out to be the biggest hit this summer (maybe year?).

From the look of the trailer (Check it out Below) and what we can expect from Christopher Nolan, this could end up being The Matrix meets Memento…which sounds very promising to me.


Inception Trailer:

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