Movie News

New Releases Out Today (4/6/10)

It’s a fairly weak week for new releases in the television and movie world. That being said, here are the highlights of what came out during this first full week of April:


Bad Lieutenant (2009) – film stars Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes, and was released to positive reviews during the film’s limited run in theaters in 2009.


Party Down – Season One (2009) – sitcom aired on the Starz network in 2009 and stars Jane Lynch among others who work as a struggling group of actors who work at a catering business. Season two begins later this month.

Ally McBeal – The Complete Second Season (1998-1999) – hour long dramedy aired on the FOX network for five seasons. This season sees the title character played by Calista Flockhart go through many changes as well as welcoming some new lawyers.

Other notable releases include the Blu-Ray versions of Cocoon, The Natural, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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