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“Human Target” (FOX)

Shows based off comic books have had a long history of failure. From Superboy to the original incarnation of Human Target, many American viewers aren’t interested in seeing their favorite superhero every week on the TV screen – especially in this economy. That, for many reasons, is why you haven’t seen a live-action version of Batman or Spider-Man in ages, or ever.

However, enter Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Keen Eddie) as Christopher Chance in FOX’s attempt at Human Target. The series takes a lot from shows like 24 with enough action every week to really get your adrenaline pumping. Unlike the aforementioned series, however, Target brings back an old school type feel to the series. Much like the James Bond film series, Target has a girl-of-the-week angle as well as gripping storylines.

The premise is simple enough to follow. Chance is hired as a personal bodyguard by a client who is in danger of being hurt or killed. To do this, Chance integrates himself into his client’s life to try and stop any harm and successfully take down the assailant. To help Chance is Winston (Chi McBride, Boston Public) who is his business partner and friend. Also to aide Chance is Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) who serves in an analytical sort of role.

While the show is not groundbreaking by any means, with 24 ending this year FOX will need another action-oriented series come fall. This series has plenty of wit, action, and humor for the majority of audiences to enjoy for at least another season. Mark Valley is perfectly cast for this role and deserves another year to win audiences over.

Final Grade: 8.5/10

Human Target currently airs at 8 PM, Wednesdays on FOX.

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  1. Superboy was actually an amazingly successful syndicated series. If it hadn’t been for weird legal issue in the early 90’s, they had planned to spin it off as the new Superman film franchise.

  2. That is true. But from a profitable standpoint, I have read from numerous sources WB and DC Comics didn’t find it too financially beneficial. Especially when they switched actors to play Superboy, many fans were a bit annoyed about that.

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